I will not help you cheat or otherwise violate academic integrity. As such, I can’t help you directly with your homework questions, or anything that will later be marked and contribute to your grade. I can however help a lot without breaking this rule. If you are having trouble with a homework question, I encourage you to show it to me and explain what is giving you trouble, so that we can then work on the underlying concept(s) that you are struggling with. I can also make up problems that are similar or use similar concepts, so you can practice putting these concepts to use while I’m there and able to help. My goal is to have you leave the session with all the tools you need to be able to do that homework problem on your own.

I am also able to go over homework or exam problems with you in detail after they have been handed in and marked. There is a lot of value to this since it can give you a very direct way to learn from your mistakes. Going over an old homework problem step by step can help increase your knowledge and ability, and prepare you for future exams in the subject.