Academic strategy sessions are essential for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed, like they can’t get all their work done, is close to burnout, or struggling with executive dysfunction.

Academic Strategy is a fancy term to mean a learning coach. An academic strategist can help support you in identifying any study, test-taking, or other academic skills you could benefit from learning or practicing. I can also help you with organization, time management, reading comprehension, and stress management techniques. I can help you put together a study schedule, organize your regular schedule (including setting aside designated time for hobbies or housework, if needed), and plan ahead for tests and deadlines.

Part of my role as an academic strategist is to identify any unique learning needs or styles you might have and suggest ways to use that to be more effective. For example, if you are an auditory learner, I might help you develop strategies to turn your textbooks and class notes into something you can listen to while studying or on the bus.

Tutoring Approach - Academic Strategy
Tutoring Approach

Academic strategists can be for anyone but are especially valuable for students with learning and developmental disabilities. Students struggling with executive dysfunction (e.g. due to autism or ADHD) may struggle with time management, organization, and task initiation. We can discuss what specific issues you might have, and troubleshoot together. I can also help you advocate for your needs while accessing disability services at your school, or identify accommodations you can ask for that might help you.

New students can also significantly benefit from the academic strategy. Going from the highly-structured environment of high school to the much more self-directed environment of college/university is a big change. It requires many skills you may not have had the opportunity to develop in high school. I can help teach you those skills and set you up for success in post-secondary education right from day one.

Scholarship, pre-med, or other students who need a higher-than-average GPA or need to take a difficult course load will also benefit from the academic strategy. Even if you’re not struggling with the course material, I can help you understand how you can effectively use your learning style to most efficiently use your time and energy to get better grades.

There are no wrong reasons to seek out academic strategy. Your academic strategist is really here to be your success coach. Whatever problem is preventing you from succeeding academically (whether the problem is academic or from some other area of your life), my job is to help you find unique, customized solutions that work for you. Whatever your goal is in school, my job is to help you get there.

Tutoring Approach

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